How long will it take for my child to swim?

Each child is an individual.  Some children take to swimming very quickly, others not.

We have very little time in the water with our little ones, therefore we encourage parents to continue with water activities at home. The initial stages of learning to swim is no reflection of the child’s future abilities in water.

What can I do at home?

You don’t need a swimming pool to practice at home.

Bathtime is the best time to practice those bubbles, float on your back, and find treasures at the bottom. 

If you do have a pool, we always encourage the safety games first and lot’s of play.

Goggles or no goggles:

Going under the water is the most common fear for our kids. 

Teaching them the correct breath-holding skills and bubbles is paramount. 

Popping on some goggles to encourage water play and safe submersion is one of our methods.  Once a child can swim safely with goggles, however, we do insist on swimming safely without them to.

When is my child SAFE in the water? When can my child swim unattended in the pool?

The simple answer is never! 

No child should be left unattended in or near a body of water. Ever.

My child is happy in the pool at home. Why does he/she not want to get into the pool straight away?

Sometimes the large, busy pool can be overwhelming. Add the expectation to just hop in with a stranger may be all too much. 

Our coaches weave their magic with our little ones and, without undue pressure or force, have them playing in the pool in no time. 

Our child-led policy establishes a safe bond with the coach when the child is ready to take the step away from mum.

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