Hout Bay Swimming Academy has seen many partnerships with our local NGO’s over the years.

It has been our passion and dream to provide swim safety skills to our whole community. We firmly believe that financial issues should not hinder a child’s access to this vital life skill.

The Darcy Sunshine Foundation

In February 2022, a close family lost his life on the beach in Hout Bay. A tragic accident that could have been prevented. This incident prompted Wendy to once again seek a way to reach even more children within the vulnerable communities.

A chance meeting with Kirsty from the Darcy Sunshine Foundation was the beginnings of HBSA becoming a Sunbeam Swim School for the foundation. Offering their FREE one-year water safety program to Grade R learners.

After much deliberation, Hangberg Primary school, a Pre-primary school situated in Hout Bay Harbour was chosen to be the first recipient of this amazing program. The school has an equal ratio of kids from both our local vulnerable communities of Hangberg and Imizamo Yethu.

To learn more about the program and donate, please click the “Donate” button.

Every little bit helps to bring a ray of sunshine to our beautiful kids in the Bay.

Sakhisizwe YDP

There are some angels on this earth that see a need and dive straight in.

Mhinti Pato from Sakhisizwe YDP is one such angel. The need for a safe environment for the teens of Imizamo Yethu, a township in Hout Bay, was dire. With many teens, whose parents work or had fallen on hard times, turning to drugs and gangs or simply having no one to mentor them and guide them.

The Sakhisizwe YDP hosts many teens each afternoon, in a safe space and helps them with homework, social problems, issues at home or at school. They encourage the students to participate in sports and extra murals, cultivating healthy bodies and minds.

“To help to develop and empower young people holistically with life skills that will help them to make conscious decisions, be able to unleash their potential and live life to the fullest.”

Hout Bay Swimming Academy has partnered with Mhinti for many years, offering swimming lessons to the group. Many have said that learning to swim has enriched their lives on so many levels. The boost to their self-esteem is evident in the huge smiles they leave with.

Hout Bay Swimming Academy’s Wishing Well

For many years we have provided a social upliftment program for many sectors of our community. This takes up many hours and, as with everything, rising costs are affecting our ability to provide this necessary skill to those that cannot afford it.

Please use “Wishing Well” as a reference for the HBSA Wishing Well fundraiser.

Our two main programs are:

Nanny Safety Courses

With a swimming pool in almost every household in our community, basic safety, survival, and swimming are all essential skills every caregiver should have.

Many of our caregivers are expected to ‘watch’ their employers’ children in and around the swimming pool.

Unfortunately, not all employers feel the need to ensure their nanny is able to act in case of an emergency.

We therefore offer these courses at the absolute minimum rate. However, many nannies are still not able to afford the fees.

The certificate received is also added to their resume, adding to their employability.

Individual Sponsorships

Each of our amazing coaches takes on at least two sponsored children a week at a vastly reduced fee.

As we see costs escalating we are looking to find a way to sponsor these children sustainably as a school.

If you would like to sponsor a child’s one on one swimming lesson, please click the Donate button. Every little bit helps.

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