Nanny Safety Courses

8-week foundation program, introducing caregivers to water skills.  

Our amazing nanny program introduces our amazing caregivers to swimming in a safe and nurturing environment.  The program aims to empower and instil confidence should an emergency arise. 

With a swimming pool in almost every household in our community, basic safety, survival and swimming are all essential skills every caregiver should have. 

Over the 8-week foundation course, our caregivers are introduced to the water, taught the basic swimming skills with the emphasis being on safety and what to do should an emergency arise..   Obstacles such as fear, cultural backround and physical difficulties are addressed.  Key elements of safety are discussed, demonstrated and performed within each lesson.

The graduates are awarded certificates after the 8 week course and are invited to continue developing their swimming skills in our ‘advanced nanny squad’.  Please see our more information on our Outreach programs page.



Tution Fee

R250 per 8 session foundation course

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