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Stelio has been fond of water for as long as he can remember, he was always swimming as a young child. Throughout school he continued to excel in water based sports, competing in his schools swimming team and high school water polo team.

Growing up in Johannesburg and moving to Cape Town at a young age, experiencing the beach and the ocean currents strength, he was introduced to a whole new concept, water safety!

Stelio spent time training as a nipper at Llandudno as a pre-teen, and this is where he learnt the importance of water safety and understanding water, and how to respect it. “Even as a young child, Stelio always had a way of communicating with children that always showed patience and kindness, which has always made him a great teacher”.

Stelio is greatful to have the opportunity to teach young children how to swim, as being safe in the water and being able to swim is an essential life skill.

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