Teru Adamson

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Teru has been qualified as a ‘Learn to Swim’ teacher since 2008, however she has been swimming since she could walk.

Teru grew up with a family that’s loves water, if there’s water around and one can swim in it… she’s in!

To her, learning to swim is a fundamental life skill, especially here in South Africa where one is surrounded by water.

Teru holds an International Accreditation in Teaching People with Disabilities and a STA Safety and Rescue Certificate.  She is a certified Learn-to-swim teacher with Swim South Africa.

There are so many opportunities that open up when one is able to swim, such as  scuba diving, surfing, boogie boarding, kite surfing and more.

So, teaching both kids and adults to swim and to start having fun in the water is something that Teru loves doing; watching them gain more confidence within themselves and realising that they can learn to swim is amazing.

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